Dogs can't have real chocolate but they can have carob, a naturally sweet chocolate alternative perfectly safe for dogs.

If your going to give your dog 'chocolate' you might as well go all out! Our luxury Furrero Rochers are made with 100% organic carob and unsalted peanuts.


Comes packaged in a gift box, shown in the photo.

Luxury Fur-rero Rochers Dog Chocolates


    Carob (Carob Powder, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Soya Powder, Emulsifier - Soya Lecithin, Vanilla Flavouring) and crushed unsalted peanuts and cashews. 



    These are a complementary treat and should be given alongside a well-balanced diet. Ensure fresh water is available. Store in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard and consume within six months. 




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