Is this a registered business?

It is indeed! Woofsy is a fully registered and insured UK business. Our registration number is GB403E0279.

What are your treats made of?

For our dog 'chocolate' and baked treats you will find a list of ingredients in the description of the item. Ingredients for our treat packs are printed on the back of the packs. This can be available on request.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yep! If your a business and you would like to discuss our wholesale prices please contact us on

Are you APHA/DEFRA approved?

Because our hand baked treats do not contain any animal by-products we are not required to be registered with APHA or DEFRA. We do use APHA and DEFRA approved ingredients in some of our treats and packs.

What if my dog has allergies?

If your dog is allergic to anything in particular please let us know before placing an order. We may be able to adapt the ingredients to suit your dog. A full list of ingredients can be found on each of our baked treats and dog 'chocolate' listings. A full list of ingredients is available on request for all other treats.