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My name is Emma and I live in Bolton, in the North West of England, with my partner and our four year old American Akita, Lola. 

Lola is my best friend, my business partner and the Chief Executive Dog. She's the one who really makes the decisions, signing things off!

I used to buy Lola treats from high street stores and she would turn her nose up at them. Looking at some of the ingredients I could see why, I hadn't even heard of some of the things listed! Lola was a big fan of peanut butter so I experimented with recipes and made a peanut butter treat, topped with a sugar free yoghurt icing, and she loved them!

I've always been quite handy with Photoshop and a sewing machine so I combined the two to make unique, fun toys. Lola loved her new toys and treats and I thought there might be other fur babies out there that might like them to and that's how Lola's Treats & Squeaks was born.

Lola's Treats & Squeaks was established in November 2019 and since then I've been baking, sewing and stitching lots of new creations for your dogs and you to enjoy. 

Thank you for dropping by!



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